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      小順順的Personal Statement課堂

      小順順的Personal Statement課堂

      Once you have used this checklist for each of the five to seven topics... 查看更多

      Theme 3: Why I Am Exceptional If you are different in any sense of the... 查看更多

      Theme 4: Issues-Based Essays Issues-based essays come in many differen... 查看更多

      COMPLETED ESSAY It took me eighteen years to realize what an extraordi... 查看更多

      Theme 2: Why I Am Qualified Writing about your experiences in the law ... 查看更多

      COMMENTS: Harvard is notorious for its long list of essay questions, a... 查看更多

      In answering these questions, you will probably find that you have a g... 查看更多

      SAMPLE ESSAY 2: Johns Hopkins, School Target The college admissions a... 查看更多

      The secret to doing this theme well is to show why you want to be a la... 查看更多

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